Promposal Ideas For Every Prom


Prom is a big part of most students highschool life. Whether you are helping plan it or going yourself, the most popular and trending tradition is the promposal. Oakbrook Florist in Mountain View, CA wants to help you make this time as special as possible. It is all in how you ask. It doesn’t matter if it is your crush, boyfriend, girlfriend or best friend, the thought behind a promposal makes prom that much more special!

Ask in a big and a bold way! There are so many creative ways people use a simple sign or a big, bold banner when planning a promposal! For those passionate about sports, why not incorporate that into your promposal. Your promposal banner could say, " I RELAY want to go to prom with you," and you can prompose after their match. Making a promposal special is simpler than people know. You just have to be different. Add something a little bolder to your banner while still being subtle. The Pink Perfection Flower Bouquet is beautiful and bold while still having that clean feminine look. If you approach promposal with a sign and a brilliant arrangement, you may just sweep that special someone off their feet!

Promposals are special for so many and expressing that with something sweet is just that... sweet! Dumb Dumbs, Red Hots, donuts and even gum are different sweet treats that are often used for promposals. If you want to literally top it off, consider ordering the 1-800-Flowers® Fresh Flower Floral Crown! They will feel royal, and have the crown to prove it! Write out "I would be a Dumb Dumb if I didn't take you to prom," along with some Dumb Dumb lollipops and more than likely, your promposal will win over the recipient. It's sweet. It's romantic, and it's cheesy. The gesture and thought behind this promposal will go a long way!

The experts at Oakbrook Florist in Mountain View, CA are here to help you. If you have an idea for a promposal but don't know to execute it, let us know! Flowers are always a great way to express affection, fascination and love. Plus, puns are great to! We can help you express the message you want conveyed. Prom and promposal are some of our favorite things to plan, but you can't wait until the last minute! Contact us as soon as you can to make those promposals perfect!

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