Resurrect Romance This Summer


August is the month for resurrecting romance. The weather is nice and warm, and the mood is light. In the chaos of back to school jitters, take some time to embrace the people you love most. Now is the time, and August is the excuse to resurrect romance. National Resurrect Romance Week makes August the month for love and new beginnings.

Our professionals at Oakbrook Florist in Mountain View, CA, are here to help resurrect romance this August with the Blooming Love Flower Arrangement. Nothing says love and romance like brilliant red roses. Stir up old feelings of butterflies and new romance during National Resurrect Romance week this month.

You looked into their eyes and knew they were special. Saying goodbye was the hardest part of your day because all you wanted to do was see them again. Their smile, their voice and the way they knew you better than anyone else made you realize you couldn't live without them. The joy they bring to your life is unmeasurable. They know you better now than they did then. They understand you even when you don't understand yourself. Remember where it all started. If you want to resurrect romance this August, you need to take time to remember where it all started.

No one can make you happy. Happiness is a choice you make within yourself every day, but the person you choose to take on life with makes happiness easy. Every time you are with them, happiness is there. Growing from where you are as a person will help resurrect romance and grow your relationship. It is no longer just you. The way you approach your growth will, in return, grow your relationship. You both grow as individuals, but it is how you grow together that helps resurrect romance in a relationship.

Regardless of where you are now, it is important to reflect on why you are where you are. The person you dedicated your life to has been with you through the good and the bad. They know you like no one else does. If you want to resurrect romance this August, start by remembering it isn't just about where you are going but where you are in the moment with the person you love. Our florists at Oakbrook Florist in Mountain View, CA, want to help you express that.

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